Workshop: Musiqi Suryayto

Inanna Foundation has the pleasure of inviting you to participate to the workshop Musiqi Suryayto (Assyrian/Syriac music) which has been funded by the EU Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme. This workshop aims to discuss the main problems and challenges of contemporary musiqi Suryayto and to provide a learning platform for people who are interested in the innovation of this music. Furthermore, it aims to enhance the level of the existing music and to professionalize it in order to be able to reach out to a broader audience.

Although one can hear people in the community complaining about the quality of contemporary musiqi Suryayto, it has hardly been problematized seriously and discussed systematically. Therefore this workshop will function as a platform for artists in the field of musiqi Suryayto in order to discuss these issues.

The main activities of the workshop consist of lectures in the morning sessions about the ancient church music and the contemporary secular musiqi Suryayto. In addition, as a matter of exercise, in the afternoon sessions participants will be working in small groups on the production of songs in order to get acquainted with the rich history of this music and the diversity of opportunities to work with. In the evening sessions, participants will improvise music and discuss the outcomes of the working groups, both in relation to cooperation in the production of songs and the quality of the songs itself. Furthermore, special attention will be paid to the specific problems and challenges in the development of traditional musiqi Suryayto in the European diaspora. At the end of the workshop, the artists will perform and present their work at a charity concert which is open for a broader audience.


1) To highlight and discuss the main problems and challenges of contemporary Musiqi Suryayto.
2) To provide a learning platform for people who are interested in the innovation of the Musiqi Suryayto.
3) To increase the quality of the music produced by Assyrian/Syriac musicians in Europe and to professionalize it in order to be able to reach out to a broader audience.


1) To bring scholars, musicians (different styles) and learners together in order to work on the development and the quality of the innovation of the contemporary Musiqi Suryayto.
2) To take the initiative for cooperation in order to help the institutionalization of Musiqi Suryayto.
3) To discuss the development of the Musiqi Suryayto from a historical perspective with a specific focus on contemporary music produced.
4) To give participants an opportunity to reflect both individually and collectively on their individual music and that of other Assyrian/Syriac musicians. Here, strengths and weaknesses will be pointed out.
5) To develop awareness for the importance of creating innovative music rather than copying existing music.
6) To bring artists with different styles and generations together and to learn from each other, also in relation to the use of media technology and music technology in the production and dissemination of music.

Venue and date

The workshop took place at Hotel Sallandse Heuvelrug, Rijssen, Netherlands, from 3-7 July 2013. The Inanna Foundation covered the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for 20 participants from European countries (except for those living in the Netherlands).


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