About Us

The Inanna Foundation was founded in the Netherlands in 2009. This young but ambitious foundation is an independent, non-profit organization.

The aim of the Inanna Foundation is to contribute to the educational, social, cultural and political development of Assyrian/Syriacs worldwide, with a special emphasis on those in Europe. Therefore, the goal of the Inanna Foundation is to foster the social inclusion and democratic participation of Assyrians/Syriacs in the countries in which they live. Accordingly, it promotes active citizenship among the target group both in their homeland(s) and in the diaspora. Therefore our aim is to raise their representation on educational, social, political and institutional levels so as to make their voice heard and make them visible as a group. In these endeavours, our point of departure is the idea that this minority group needs to build up durable, productive institutions in all fields of life. Another aim of the Inanna Foundation is the empowerment of Assyrian/Syriac women so as to stimulate their development, participation in and contribution to society.

We are endeavouring to realize these aims by means of educational and cultural activities and involvement. Our efforts primarily take the form of raising of awareness of topics and situations which should be brought to the attention of the people, by means of innovative approaches and practices.

The Inanna Foundation is open to co-operation and to disseminating its knowledge with organizations with similar aims worldwide.

Naures Atto
Board Member