Recent Activities

EU Grundtvig Workshop
Musiqi Suryayto

3-7 July 2013, Netherlands

Music Workshop Inanna Foundation has the pleasure of inviting you to participate to the workshop Musiqi Suryayto (Assyrian/Syriac music) which has been funded by the EU Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme. This workshop aims to discuss the main problems and challenges of contemporary musiqi Suryayto and to provide a learning platform for people who are interested in the innovation of this music. Furthermore, it aims to enhance the level of the existing music and to professionalize it in order to be able to reach out to a broader audience.

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EPIA Seminar


The first seminar activity of the EPIA project Promoting Active Citizenship: Upward mobility of Assyrians in Europe will be held in Gothenburg on 9 December 2012.

Speakers: Ibrahim Baylan (politician), Nuri Kino (journalist), Feryal Mentes (judge) and Adad Baranto (doctor).
Moderator: Rachel Hadodo.

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Up-to-date: Aramaic Online Project

The second preparatory meeting of the Aramaic Online Language Project was held at St. Ephrem Monastery in the Netherlands (23-25 November 2012).

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EU Grundtvig Partnership Project
Exchanging Best Practices in the Integration of Assyrians in Europe (EPIA)

Grundtvig Four Assyrian organizations, based in the Netherlands (Inanna Foundation), Germany (Stiftung Yoken-Bar-Yoken ), Sweden (Assyriska Föreningen i Göteborg) and Belgium (Institut Syriaque de Belgique) have begun an EU-project within the framework of the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme.

The Grundtvig Learning Partnership project 'Exchanging Best Practices in the Integration of Assyrians in Europe' (EPIA), aims to exchange experiences of Assyrians in the field of integration in Europe, map problems and challenges, and promote best practices. Read more

Preparatory Meeting of the Multilateral Neo-Aramaic (Turoyo, Surayt) Project

Bergen Univ The first Preparatory meeting of the Multilateral Neo-Aramaic (Turoyo) Language Project was held in Bergen, Norway (20-24 June 2012). The hosting institution, University of Bergen (Department of Foreign Languages), together with the Inanna Foundation (NL) developed the working programme. Mgr Dr Polycarpus Augin Aydin (Netherlands), Prof Shabo Talay (Norway), Prof Otto Jastrow (Estonia), Malfono Jan Bet Sawoce (Sweden), Dr Naures Atto (Netherlands) and Soner Onder (Netherlands) participated in this meeting. The main aim was twofold: to develop a Neo-Aramaic project within the framework of the EU Multilateral Grundtvig Project in order to develop an online language course and to standardize the writing of the Neo-Aramaic language. Anyone interested can contact us for any information.

Work in progress: Forthcoming volume about the Seyfo

Book The idea of an edited volume on Seyfo developed during the EU Grundtvig workshop 'An Intergenerational Approach to the Study of Genocide' which was organized by Inanna Foundation and took place in the Netherlands (June 10-16, 2011). For the first time the Seyfo and its consequences were discussed among scholars working in different disciplines.
The first edited volume on Seyfo has attracted the attention of scholars both who attended to the workshop and who could not, but were interested in submitting articles. So far we have received more than 20 articles, focusing specifically on Seyfo from different perspectives. We are now in the editing process and aim to publish this work in 2013.

Editors: Prof. Dr David Gaunt, Dr Naures Atto and Soner Onder.

Symposium Syriac

The Sixth North American Syriac Symposium at Duke University
June 26-29, 2011

Our board member Naures Atto (Leiden University) presented a paper at the symposium, titled Challenging the Hostages' and Orphans' Dilemma. This paper is based on the main conclusions of her dissertation Hostages in the Homeland, Orphans in the Diaspora: Identity Discourses among the Assyrian/Syriac Elites in the European Diaspora. Read more

University of Groningen

International Conference "Believers in the Nation".
European religious minorities in the age of nationalism (1815-1914)

University of Groningen, 16-17 June 2011

Naures Atto presented a paper, titled The Emergence of Umthonoyutho among Suryoye Elites during the Decline of the Ottoman Empire at the conference. Read more.

Symposium Syriac

An Intergenerational Approach to the Study of Genocide

June 10-16, 2011
Hotel Hampshire de Rijsserberg, Rijssen, Netherlands
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Visit to Tur Abdin

Visit to Tur 'Abdin

18-23 March 2010 Read more