An Intergenerational Approach to the Study of Genocide (Seyfo) Netherlands, 2011

Inanna Foundation has the pleasure of inviting you to participate to the workshop An Intergenerational Approach to the Study of Genocide, which has been funded by the EU Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme.

Aims of the Workshop

Almost a hundred years ago the Seyfo took place in a geography from which many Assyrians/Syriacs emigrated and settled in relatively safe societies in Western countries. Nevertheless, the Seyfo takes still a considerable role in their life. Only few of the Seyfo survivors are still alive but many have inherited their life stories. Although insiders consider this as something natural, outsiders ask the question as to why this is the case. Independent of the answer to this question, the fact is that there are still too many questions that have not been dealt with and require further attention and research. The aim of this workshop is to bring the voice of the survivors, the generations who inherited this voice and experts who study such acts of violence together and to discuss earlier questions in a new context and from new perspectives. In interactive sessions, the participants shall share theoretical knowledge and experiences in relation to Genocide Studies. The main focus will be on developing a perspective on how to further research, document, deal with the political aspect and the post-traumatic implications of the Seyfo for new generations. With this workshop, we encourage participants from different countries to share their competences and experiences actively with each other and to broaden their network.

Participants of the Workshop

The workshop aims to reach individuals who are actively involved in the topic of genocide studies and related activities. Participants will be selected from different European countries. We will advertise the workshop in various media (TV, internet etc.) and select candidates on the basis of their CV and motivation letter. We aim at a group of 20 participants whose participation will be fully funded (travel and accommodation).

The Workshop-Organizer

Inanna Foundation was founded in 2009 in the Netherlands and since then it has endeavoured to develop innovative ways for realizing its activities in the educational, cultural and political field. Inanna Foundation aims to foster the social inclusion of Assyrians/Syriacs in the countries of living. It values their democratic participation and representation in the social, cultural, economic and political fields.

Venue and Date

The workshop will take place in June 10-16 2011 in the Netherlands.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.