Testimonial of Sharbel Diarbekirli about the Workshop

It was very exciting for me as a young Assyrian student to attend the first conference regarding the Assyrian Genocide that happened during World War I. Professors and lecturers from all corners of the world presented unique points of views on the consequences of the genocide.

For instance, the bibliography about Sayfo in different languages presented by Professor David Gaunt was very surprising and not something I was familiar with prior to the workshop. The presentations also promoted very thought-provoking discussions. These discussions could vary in length, but a common denominator for them was that there was never enough time. Some conversations could continue until late night!

The Inanna foundation also organized an amusing and educational study trip to Amsterdam, where we visited the Jewish Historical Museum and the house of Anne Frank. The conference enriched my knowledge about the topic of Sayfo and provided me with useful tools I surely can use in my future.

I wish to see more conferences and workshops of this type in the future. I also hope more adolescents will get the opportunity and will to attend similar workshops like this to work and fight for what we believe in.

Sharbel Diarbakerli